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A new film streaming platform made to promote free online films and promote both student filmmakers and indie filmmakers.

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Film Lover?

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Submitting in Film Festivals?

We are a new platform that seek to give notoriety to both student filmmakers and indie filmmakers, our target and mission is to attract viewers to watch student films & Indie films regardless of genre or length.

Promoting films is also a key aspect of Novie! Trailers are accepted and should you be hoping to apply for film festivals or to other companies to buy your film, it would be great to have your trailer on Novie! We market your film for you!

You have nothing to lose! It’s free, it’s exciting, and it’s Novie! Get feedback, views, awards and more with Novie!

Watch movies from your fellow filmmakers, support one another in a difficult industry.

We seek to assist filmmakers by having the interactive viewers rate, review and analyze the films that are uploaded 

What We Do:

  • Free Film Streaming Service for Watchers
  • Free to Upload films on Our Site
  • Free for Users to Rate, Review, and Analyse films on Our Site
  •  We promote the website on Instagram and social media platforms. (for Free)
  • We promote the uploaded films on our Instagram and Social media platforms. (for Free)
  • Support both student filmmakers & indie filmmakers.
  • Support Student films & Indie Films.

How to Upload.

  1. Create an Account
  2. Verify Your Email
  3. Have a film or trailer already uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo. (If you don’t have this, we cannot have the film on the site)
  4. Go on a Laptop or Computer and select Submit Video in the top right of the website.
  5. Respect Uploading Guidelines
  6. Insert Film Title.
  7. Choose a Category and Genre: Short Film, Feature Film, or Trailer.
  8. Enter a short Synopsis or Logline
  9. Paste your film Youtube or Vimeo link followed by a description of the film.
  10. Upload the film’s poster or a cover image.
  11. Tag the film!
  12. Done 🙂 If anything goes wrong email us and we will sort it out.

Our story


Our founder is a screenwriter and realised the challenges in promoting completed films in other social media platforms / video sharing sites. The options are too broad and not focused on films. This is a site dedicated to films.

Novie is composed of dedicated film lovers, that would love to see student filmmakers thrive in the industry and create a name for themselves! We also would like to support established filmmakers by giving them the recognition they deserve. We also believe that there are great free online films on YouTube and Vimeo. There is a struggle to get the film out there, into the world, into the screens of people.

We at Novie are striving for all the films available on YouTube and Vimeo to be on our site. We want to create a directory of Trailers, Short Films, and Feature Films that can please viewers and at the same time give recognition to those filmmakers who don’t have films on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Indieflix, and other film streaming platforms.




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