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The film is a look at & reflection of how we are all to a degree social recluses forfeiting social relationships for social media interactions. Completed as a student project. It focuses on a surrealist example of how we should all break that cycle in order to feel less isolated and more a-part of a bigger society.

فيلم قصيره كما تدين تدان

الهدف من الفيلم احسان الولدان وسماع الكلام وكما تدين تدان

فكرة محمدمعجزة

MHأخرج استوديو


An older woman journeys to the beach alone.

ساعه الزمن⏱(الذهاب الى الماضى⬅)

⏱الذهاب الى الماضى بساعه الزمن


Ben, a night watchman in a natural history museum, spends most of his time looking at the building’s surveillance camera screens without any form of excitement. Even if his smartphone does not speed up the endless hours of on-call time, it does give him a brilliant idea. . . Within a night, Ben’s small screens will grow big.

Gardien de nuit dans un musée d’histoire naturelle, Ben passe la plupart de son temps à regarder sans entrain les écrans de caméras de surveillance du bâtiment. Si ses écouteurs et son smartphone n’accélèrent pas les interminables heures de garde, ils lui donnent toutefois une brillante idée… En l’espace d’une nuit, les petits écrans de Ben deviendront grands.

Armageddon Radio: Chapter Two

Our hero returns with more stories what life is like in Armageddon in this short film. This time in the post apocalyptic world, he battles zombies and something more deadly…

Covid 19 The Dream

https://youThe story begins when I was in my office. My manager was telling me about the situation of Wuhan how COVID-19 is destroying the city. But I don’t give much attention to his words. I thought I didn’t have to worry about it.I am safe. But a few weeks later I heard the new Bangladesh found some COVID-19 Patients.
I was shocked. For me it’s like a

Virtual Smile

This is a short film based on a true story of an online teacher. It shows different sides and angles of a typical online teacher.

Panic Room: A Day In Quarantine

A short film about the effects of lockdown in mental health.


Groupe Med Films

فلم قصير عن الصداقة


Man is diagnosed with Terminally ill cancer and has been given six months to live, Having made bad decisions in his life he decides to Make things right by his family By sacrificing his own life And providing his family with his life insurance Policy

Don’t Wake Up

A boy wakes up in the middle of the night to a terrible nightmare.

Dawn of the Planet of the M&Ms

A lone man is suddenly struck by an unknown entity on a drive back from an airport, resulting in a violent crash. Despite his pleas, police refuse to hear his story, leaving him with no hope of discovering what took his car’s life. Desperate for answers, he turns to a deranged basketball-er claiming to know what his tormentors are and how to end them.

The End Is Nigh

A guy escaping someone finds himself locked in a house where he has to face 2 zombies. How far can you push a man before his instincts kick in? How much of a man is he after that?

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