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Shadows of Poltergeist

A short experimental film shot with a laptop.

Summary of 2020

A movie that summarizes the most important events of the year 2020 in a simple way

Remember Me – A Civil War Short Film

“Remember Me” tracks the experiences of a single Union soldier from Berdan’s elite group of sharpshooters. Although the film is set during one of the Civil War’s iconic battles, the film takes a look at the much more isolated and personal battles our main character struggles with. It takes more than nerve and grit to survive the day…

Ramadan Intro 2021

RamadaRamadan Intro 2021n Intro 2021

The Door

Tamil Horror Thriller Shortfilm.
This Short Film made in a single Room

الضمير العربي

هذا فيلم من اخراج طالبي حسان، يحتوي على وجهة نظر مختلفة على القضية الفلسطينية من جانب الحكام العرب.
الفيلم باللغة الانجليزية و مترجم ل 3 لغات منها العربية.


A college student writes graffiti at night when he’s not attending class. His secret finally catches up to him when he encounters an LAPD detective that’s investigating his crimes.


A boy tries to break free from a toxic environment.

Turtle Soup

A boy and a girl go on a first date.


Following a recent breakup, Andrew is messaged online from someone claiming to know him from the past. Although he doesn’t remember, she claims to have had a romantic encounter with him. Then she goes missing. Or was she even who she said she was?

فيلم قصيره كما تدين تدان

الهدف من الفيلم احسان الولدان وسماع الكلام وكما تدين تدان

فكرة محمدمعجزة

MHأخرج استوديو

Kanavin Kalpam

The Short Film is about “Two people finding each other’s destiny and their one true love, for which they have to go through series of events and diplomatic decisions”.

The Surface

In a grim apocalyptic future where mankind lives underground, a woman struggles to save her son from dying of mechanical lung failure. After all other options fail, her only hope is to venture to the desolate surface and face the ferocious monsters that drove mankind below!


A woman finally does her laundry

The Creative Block

A young creative struggles to create a script for a short film. As he dreams of becoming a director someday, he finally creates the script. Based on a true story.

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