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يا عابرة

ياانمتتنhttps://www.instagram.co7/?hl=fيا عابرةr

People, Places, and Things | DUBAI

A short film showing life in Meena Bazaar, Dubai, UAE

Tunupa (2021) – Minimalism Short Film

Tunupa is a short film without dialogue that follows two characters’ overlapping story lines from different centuries. It is filled with constants and symbolism dealing with cycles of cataclysm, the beauty of nature, and the everlasting human experience. (Original audio and video).


To take control of his life, Travis Wilker must conquer the hallucinations that plagued his childhood.

The Night

This film shows the life cycle of organised crime, young men living in a dog eats dog world. Experimental with lighting, made as a college project, and trying out new techniques. This film is only three minutes long, but it taught us things that we will use for the rest of our lives.
Enjoy the short film, leave feedback, and check out some of my other content on youtube: Pellucid Pictures.

Brown Note

Hey you! Ever wanted to know more about the sound that makes you poo? Join us as we get to the bottom of this anomaly…


A short horror film about the dangers of a resentful mind following a horrific night at an artist mixer and the desire for revenge.

Have we become passive voyeurs of the violence of the world?
Are we able to empathize as if the circumstances were reversed?
How are we poisoned by the context of our own perception?

فانوس رمضان.. موسم الحج وعيد المصابيح عند قدماء المصريين

اعتاد قدماء المصريين شد الرحال في كل عامٍ مرةً إلى «تانيس» المدينة القديمة التي تُسمى اليوم «صان الحجر» وتقع في محافظة الشرقية، يحملون بأيديهم فوانيس من الحجارة والصفيح الذي استطاعوا تطويعه بأشكال وأحجام مختلفة.
كان المصريون القدماء يترقبون موعد «نزول النقطة» والتي تعني حلول شهر بؤونة أو «شهر الفيضان» والذي يوافق عادةً شهر يونيو، فيبدأون في اليوم الثامن منه الانطلاق إلى «تانيس» لأداء مراسم الحج، تبحر القوارب وسط النيل من طيبة، وعلى متنها الملوك والأمراء والوجهاء، ولفيف من الكهنة، تزينها الفوانيس التي أبدعوا في صناعتها من الأحجار والصفيح وقطع الجرانيت.
وفي السادس والعشرين من شهر بؤونة تنتهي مراسم الحج، فيحتفلون بـ«عيد المصابيح»، فيحمل الفوانيس الكبار والصغار ويطوفون بها أفواجًا أفواجًا، ثم ينحرون هديَهم فيذبحون الشياة كتقليد ديني لتقديم القرابين بعد انتهاء موسم الحج وعيد المصابيح.
إذن، فـ #فانوس_رمضان​ كان موجودًا في مصر منذ عهد القدماء


4 min of meditative journey.

According to the creators Aistė and Skaistė Jauraite, when the world seems to stop spinning and protecting not only ourselves but also others, it is best way to stay home. They invite us to experience 4 minutes of city hustle and silence of nature.
In this turbulent period, they wish everyone would find goodness in their thoughts and relationships with each other.
The creators have provided little text and descriptions, the film is black and white, and the title “no title” gives no answers, so it leaves plenty of room for interpretation by everyone. The film features a remix of the song “Geris” by songwriter and singer Gabriele Vilkickytė and Chris Metric. Gabriele’s enchantingly deep voice and the songwriter’s lyrics give the film a breath of life.

Filmed in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Lost – Short Film

A girl wakes up in a forest and doesn’t know where she is.

The Formula

The Mathematician has created a formula.
The Junkie is willing to do whatever he must to get it.

For more information follow me here:

The blue marble

A man walks into a room, seconds later the TV turned on , some of the world disasters are getting viewed in the TV .. After the content in the TV…


Tale of a mysterious being and 6 fellows.

The Creative Block

A young creative struggles to create a script for a short film. As he dreams of becoming a director someday, he finally creates the script. Based on a true story.

The Bedsit Tapes

After 12 months of living in a basement flat in a strange city, Mandy decided to up sticks and move away. But before she left, she created ‘The Bedsit Tapes’. Inspired by horror films such as The Blair Witch Project, The Poughkeepsie Tapes and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, ‘The Bedsit Tapes’ is a darkly comedic reflection on a life lived within 4 very small walls.

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