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One day you have to leave your comfort place in order to know what’s surrounds you.


Toys are meant to bring joy and happiness to everyone. But when a toy collector takes his obsession too far, he finds himself struggling with how to tell his partner about the extent of his buying habits.


The term butterfly effect encompasses the importance of starting factors in chaos theory. The principle is that in a dynamic system with a chaotically behaving status indicator, small changes in initial conditions can greatly change the long term operation of the system through positive feedback from random processes. According to the popular and widespread, but inaccurately quoted formulations of the principle, “ It has been said that something as small as the WING STROKE of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world”.

No Gimme: A Golf Documentary

Luke Hazen is the family underdog, left behind in skill and forgotten by the HGA almost entirely. Will 2020 be the year he wins his first major? Or will his past failures catch up to him.


A Private Eye is hired by a boxing promoter to track down his missing mistress. Soon however, ‘Roger’ begins to get more then he bargained for in the case and before long he’s wondering what side he’s on.


The hatching of a dark, fantastical dream

The Year We Lost

The daily routine in the year 2020

مساج الأفاعي.. الاسترخاء في أحضان الثعابين

على وَقْعِ موسيقى هادئةٍ، تَزحفُ الثعابينُ إلى وجوهِ وظهورِ النزلاء داخلَ منتجعٍ صحيٍ صغيرٍ في القاهرة، بهدفِ تخليصِهم من الآلام.
يضعُ المدلكون قطراتِ الزيت على ظهورِ الزبائن، ثم تبدأُ ثمانيةٌ وعشرون نوعا من الثعابين بالعملِ في جلسةِ تدليكٍ تتكلفُ مئةَ جنيهٍ مصري، وتستمرُ لمدةِ ثلاثينَ دقيقة، يُفرِزُ الجسمُ خلالَها مادةَ الأدرينالين ويدخلُ الشخصُ في حالةِ استرخاء.
القائمون على التجربةِ يؤكدون أن جلساتِ مساجِ الثعابين، لها هدفان، الأولُ جسمانيٌ يتمثلُ في تنشيطِ الدورةِ الدموية، والثاني نفسيٌ من خلالِ إفرازِ مادةِ الإندروفين التي تُساعدُ في تنشيطِ هرمونِ السعادةِ الذي يُسهِمُ بدورِه في زيادةِ الثقةِ بالنفسِ وتعزيزِ مناعةِ الجسم.


Man is diagnosed with Terminally ill cancer and has been given six months to live, Having made bad decisions in his life he decides to Make things right by his family By sacrificing his own life And providing his family with his life insurance Policy

Burn In Heaven

Alice’s envy for her best friend leads to an off-limits situation.

The Rusted

A brother and sister return to their childhood home in order to remodel the space into a recording studio. The house soon turns out not to be as quaint as it seems. Terrifying memories emerge as the siblings spend a night in the house that has destroyed their past.

Blind Sighted

this short story portrays how media and news quickly travel and invoke emotions on a large scale, panic in this case. 

Don’t Dive Deep

When Ahmed dives deep in the world of gaming and internet , he begins to see strange things around him which drives him crazy.

critical moment

A short film that sheds light on the issue of suicide in the circles of the Arab and Western world to create community awareness to reduce this phenomenon.

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