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Beautiful Eyes

An aspiring actress rents the perfect apartment from a creepy landlady and ends up paying more than she bargained for.

The Breakup

A guy gets broken up with and he is unsure of what to do. He questions his motives, and through his love for movies and music finds out the reasons why.

فيلم ( اضحك الدنيا حلوة ) بطولة عبدالله العطار – فيلم عيد الأضحى 2021

تدور أحداث الفيلم عن سعيد المدرس البسيط الذي كان يحلم ان يكون ممثل كوميدي ولاكن لم يحالفه الحظ واشتغل مدرس لغة عربية، علشان يقدر يصرف علي بنته علا اللي في 3 ثانوي شهادة، الفيلم يوصل رسالة عن الكوميديا في مصر من 2012 لحد الان

The Clubless Comic

Los Angeles stand-up comic Miguel Fierro is tired of this pandemic, the lockdowns, the eating, the streaming, the stress, the anxiety–all of it. But most of all, he misses the stage and the highs of bringing a little bit of laughter into the world. With nothing left, Miguel takes us on a journey through LA and into the hearts and smiles of strangers who haven’t felt true joy since COVID kept us apart.

Under The Chimpfluence

A vlogging monkey takes you on a trip to the human zoo.


Bethany and Jared are a young couple in love, till one day an accident ruins their relationship of three years. An emotional story dealing with grief.

فيلم كودينغ بوكس Coding Box عرض اول وحصري 2021

يوتيوبر حاد الطباع و غامض يجبر على دخول مغامرة تبلغ جائزتها مليون دولار حيث يتم اختياره لحل اخطر خمس ألغاز يحيط بها الشر من كل جوانبها . و عليه تجنب المخاطر حيث يختار شخصين احدهم يسرقه والآخر يتخلى عنه لكن ماذا عن الانتقام و هل يربح مارد العرب المليون دولار او يخسره هذا ماسنراه في الفيلم


Welcome to the Dead Space. No one knows where it is. No one knows how you get in. But the residents are desperately trying to get out. But residents must fulfil a bizarre clause, overseen by two strict judges. Today’s the day that Mandy finally gets to fight their case. And hopefully escape whatever is behind the wooden door….
Disembark is the sixth Short Film by drag artist Mandy Sweats. Finalising their Isolation series, Disembark tackles the mix of fear and excitement, nerves and anxiety of jettisoning from isolation. Are we prepared for the outside world? Have we dealt with our fears from before, or merely pushed them down? Disembark tackles these questions in Mandy’s signature surreal, darkly comic style.

Made entirely by the artist.

Mr. Socks

During a cold winter night, a desperate woman misses the last bus and accepts a ride from a weird stranger who calls himself Mr. Socks.

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