Guns of Steel

Guns of Steel is an action comedy that follows Cops Harris and Foyder as they attempt to take a shot at the king of the Big Brain Gang. However, the desire to be a hero does not make you one.

What will become of Harris and Foyder? Who are the big Brain Gang? Did Steve survive? Will there be a sequel? Will Bruce Campbell see this? Will he like it? You decide.

The first short film by Sterling Sykes, Guns of Steel was shot in beautiful Southern Oregon on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k (BMPCC4K).

Valhalla Blues

Two friends break every rule in the book, for keep a promise to the dead.


A homeless actor becomes a street performer during the covid-19 pandemic

Snake Drain Preppers

Two doomsday preppers had to clear there name and save the governors daughter, now two years later they sit down with a movie producer to sell there story. The chief of police also sits down to help fact check the Snake Drain Preppers , but Brian the producer quickly finds out this isn’t a normal town, and this isn’t a normal story.

Weekend at Bernie’s 3

A comedy/horror short film about a house, a cleaner, and some very dead renters.

The Groove Master

GROOVY In a word plagued with violence, poisoned with drugs, and destroyed by conflict all hope is lost. The world is in desperate need for saving but who can step up to the plate? Who can MAKE AMERICA GROOVY AGAIN


Jefri and Ariel are roommates who live a life immersed in worldly pleasures, consumerism and an excessive connection to the network that makes them increasingly disconnected.

Brown Note

Hey you! Ever wanted to know more about the sound that makes you poo? Join us as we get to the bottom of this anomaly…


Interactive murder mystery were the public get to play detective.

Client Oriented Assassins | Award Winning Short Film by Matej Stepan

A comedy about two contract killers who assassinate their targets with the utmost client friendly approach.

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