way of death

فيلم طريق الموت


A priest practices torture and sexual abuse behind church doors.

Wind Farm

Strange happenings near a wind farm.

In The Flesh

A short film consisted of 3 stories around characters that never had the chance to fit in.
I. Angel: A prostitute comes across a dangerous client.
II. Monster in the Woods: A newborn is left alone in the forest after the suicide of his mother.
III. Harry’s Circumcision: A story based on Lou Reed’s song about a failed suicide attempt.

Mommy Loves You

Mary tries to save her newborn baby, who has been kidnapped by a predator.

The Beast

Bathsheba starts to develop an attraction for the beast that attacked and killed her best friend. A short film about the trauma of childhood abuse and how it affects future behaviors and relationships.

You Think You’re A Man

A cop abuses citizens and his family until they decide to react. A short film about toxic masculinity and the vicious circle of violence.


Mary starts to develop a phobia over sexually transmitted diseases.


A boy tries to break free from a toxic environment.

The End Is Nigh

A guy escaping someone finds himself locked in a house where he has to face 2 zombies. How far can you push a man before his instincts kick in? How much of a man is he after that?

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