SWEET REVENGE starring Phillip Pitta (Jim Hanover) and Nicholas M. Garofolo (Luke Briar) is directed by Ron Millkie known for his memorable role as Officer Dorf in the original horror classic Friday the 13th. This thriller is filmed in the style of classic horror films. Jim witnesses a crime committed by Luke. After a prison stay Luke looks for revenge.



Trailer – El. día que me perdí

puertas de un mundo que creía olvidado.¿Qué harías si el peor día de tu vida fue aún peor de lo que recuerdas? El día que me perdí narra el viaje de Xochil, una chica que se atreve a sumergirse en su pasado para encontrarse a sí misma, abriendo las puertas de un mundo que creía olvidado.

Friend Request- Cyber Bullying

Rahul Komi begins to talk with his school friend on facebook


A college student writes graffiti at night when he’s not attending class. His secret finally catches up to him when he encounters an LAPD detective that’s investigating his crimes.


A man that’s wanted for fraud attempts to flee authorities when they come to arrest him.

Darkest Before Dawn

Pusha-T and The-Dream make a deal with the devil in exchange for riches. The problem is, once you make a deal with the devil; there is no turning back.

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