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Introduction to Donations at Novie

Novie is a film streaming platform that aims to support indie filmmakers through creating a community of sharing. This can be sharing films, ratings, feedback on the films and even ideas inspired by the films. 

We have several features such as sharing your films for free, watching films for free, rating films for free, and even reviewing films for free. You can also follow your fellow or favorite filmmakers. 

This website is attempting at solving issues where indie filmmakers struggle to gain notoriety, views, and recognition for their great work. Many indie filmmakers struggle to gain peer to peer feedback on their films as well.  Novie is the answer. 

Novie has introduced a new idea. Going one step further into the world of indie filmmaking and supporting indie filmmakers. We have introduced the concept of donating as a viewer to your favorite filmmakers!

This can encourage filmmakers to work more and there is the obvious funding barrier that many filmmakers face. This is an attempt to tackle that issue however minute the donations may be.

This article will go through the process of donating for film lovers, and then delve into how YOU can become a Novie affiliate filmmaker; where people can donate their hard earned money to YOU for movies that YOU have created and submitted onto the platform.










It’s a very simple process to donate to your favorite filmmakers! All you need is a PayPal account or credit card of any sort. Firstly, the filmmaker must be a Novie affiliate to earn money through donations. They (Affiliates) will usually have a link in the description of their short film. After watching a film on Novie, you can review them by creating an account an posting it under the “Analysis & Reviews” page, or simply rate the film. If you believe they merited enough for a donation of any number; you should click the link that says Donate. The link they place is either going to redirect you to the film page, OR it will take you to the homepage. Both pages will have donation buttons as in the following images:

You simple click on donate, and fill up the amount you would like to donate. After this entering some personal details is important along with your payment details. Then… VOILA! Your money will be sent to the filmmaker!


If it redirects you to the film page:
If it redirects you to the homepage:

"I'm a filmmaker and want to be a Novie Affiliate!"

NO WORRIES! IT’S EASY! Click on our Affiliate Area page and register! Once you register, we will approve your profile. To Log-In to your affiliate area, scroll down to the bottom of the registration page and enter your details to log-in. If you previously created a Novie Account and would like to become a Novie Affiliate. No problem. Send us an email and we will manually make you a Novie Affiliate!

How to get your Affiliate Link? How to Get paid?


  1. Register as an affiliate, or Register as a regular Novie account and send us an email to request
  2. After approval, log-in to your Affiliate Area. Go to the following area:
  3.  Copy and paste your referral URL into the description of the film you are about to upload. If you have already uploaded the film, email us your referral URL and the link of your post. We will edit your post for you!
  4. THATS IT!


You must enter the settings section after logging into the Affiliate Area. Enter the necessary information with your PayPal email address. Next step: GETTING PAID!!

We have a section on the site for critical analysis and reviews, which allows you to receive the constructive feedback you deserve!

Novie will market the Novie website ( and our Instagram page Novie. This will create traction for all the films on Novie. We will also post snippets and posters of the films on our Instagram page. Essentially we offer free marketing for films on our site.

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