According to the creators Aistė and Skaistė Jauraite, when the world seems to stop spinning and protecting not only ourselves but also others, it is best way to stay home. They invite us to experience 4 minutes of city hustle and silence of nature. 

In this turbulent period, they wish everyone would find goodness in their thoughts and relationships with each other.

The creators have provided little text and descriptions, the film is black and white, and the title “no title” gives no answers, so it leaves plenty of room for interpretation by everyone. The film features a remix of the song “Geris” by songwriter and singer Gabriele Vilkickytė and Chris Metric. Gabriele’s enchantingly lush voice and the songwriter’s lyrics give the film a breath of life.

Filmed in California, Nevada and Arizona.

Directed, shot, edited by Aiste Jauraite, Skaiste Jauraite

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