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Sonder is a short film that conveys the interconnectedness of people.


How do we cope with trauma when we live in a world where anything can happen…



A Covid short film

Lockdown III

This short film focuses on the current affairs in Greece during the pandemic.

Blind Sighted

this short story portrays how media and news quickly travel and invoke emotions on a large scale, panic in this case. 

Mary And The Angel

Mary tries to conceive a child by following the instructions of the bible.

Alice Unleashed

During the lockdown, Alice’s psychological downfall leads to the release of her fury at everyone standing in her way.

And Then There Were None

During the lockdown, Alice lives in a house full of roommates until their relationship starts to crumble.

Straight Outta Vagina

Three stories about the violent consequences of patriarchy (Newborn, Caged, Mommy Loves You)

Burn In Heaven

Alice’s envy for her best friend leads to an off-limits situation.

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