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A struggling filmmaker accepts an unpaid job from a one-hit-wonder but soon comes to regret her decision when the artist exhibits increasingly disturbing behavior.

Evil Mime

A blind college student must use her remaining senses to escape from an evil mime who stalks her.

The Comfortable Tenant

Imagine is you woke up one night to find a wide-eyed, grinning demon staring at you. And imagine if that demon turned out to be exactly what you’d been waiting for.

فيلم قصيره كما تدين تدان

🔞فيلم قصير رعب البيت المسكون 

Beautiful Eyes

An aspiring actress rents the perfect apartment from a creepy landlady and ends up paying more than she bargained for.

Mr. Socks

During a cold winter night, a desperate woman misses the last bus and accepts a ride from a weird stranger who calls himself Mr. Socks.

Barbie’s Misadventures in Eden

After a long and failed marriage, Barbie wants to get far away from her husband.

Agnic fattis اغنق فطس

Horror moments of boring life


تتحدث القصة عن ذهاب مهدي لمنزل صديقه فيرى مهدي صورة مرعب و يحاول مهدي ان يعرف سر وراء تلك الصورة


إنتقام الروح /Vengeance de l’âme

Quatre amis étaient en pique-nique et ont soudainement tué un enfant dans une voiture et se sont enfuis, après que quelques mois se soient écoulés, l’esprit de cet enfant a commencé à se venger …/اربعة اصدقاء كانو في نزهة فجأتا قتلو طفلة بسيارة وهربو بعد مرور بضعة اشهر بدأت روح تلك الطفلة تنتقم ….

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