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critical moment

A short film that sheds light on the issue of suicide in the circles of the Arab and Western world to create community awareness to reduce this phenomenon.

Deranged Foxhole Deduction

A man crosses the precipice from sanity to insanity killing his roommate, then the roommate’s long lost daughter and mother and another man. A detective is saved by the zombie bodies.


A Private Eye is hired by a boxing promoter to track down his missing mistress. Soon however, ‘Roger’ begins to get more then he bargained for in the case and before long he’s wondering what side he’s on.

Belly of the Beast

A girl follows the trails of a serial killer.

Friend Request- Cyber Bullying

Rahul Komi begins to talk with his school friend on facebook

justice_ A matter of perception

A short film that shows the perceptions of people during and after criminal cases where the ideologies and beliefs depend on the situations, one falls into.


The film is a thriller that revolves around the life of a Kashmiri girl and questions how the expressions of identity are limited to the religion we belong or language we speak.

The Formula

The Mathematician has created a formula.
The Junkie is willing to do whatever he must to get it.

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A college student writes graffiti at night when he’s not attending class. His secret finally catches up to him when he encounters an LAPD detective that’s investigating his crimes.


A man that’s wanted for fraud attempts to flee authorities when they come to arrest him.

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