ساعه الزمن⏱(الذهاب الى الماضى⬅)

⏱الذهاب الى الماضى بساعه الزمن

Dawn of the Planet of the M&Ms

A lone man is suddenly struck by an unknown entity on a drive back from an airport, resulting in a violent crash. Despite his pleas, police refuse to hear his story, leaving him with no hope of discovering what took his car’s life. Desperate for answers, he turns to a deranged basketball-er claiming to know what his tormentors are and how to end them.

Daughter earth – Music movie by Rökkva

This music movie was made by the band Rökkva in association with Selfoss Theater Company in Iceland. It’s a story about a boy in a wheelchair looking for strange creatures which he finds a lot of on his journey.

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