horror short film

The Comfortable Tenant

Imagine is you woke up one night to find a wide-eyed, grinning demon staring at you. And imagine if that demon turned out to be exactly what you’d been waiting for.


In a heavy rain evening, while William having a shower he heard a door slammed roughly.
William went to check what was going on in his apartment he found everything in it place but when he turned off the light the curse starts!

Beautiful Eyes

An aspiring actress rents the perfect apartment from a creepy landlady and ends up paying more than she bargained for.

Don’t Dive Deep

When Ahmed dives deep in the world of gaming and internet , he begins to see strange things around him which drives him crazy.

Wind Farm

Strange happenings near a wind farm.

Wind Farm II

A man hears a strange knock on his window

Mommy Loves You

Mary tries to save her newborn baby, who has been kidnapped by a predator.

The Beauty Who Kills (episode 1)

A girl and her brother buy a house, but later they find out they’re not alone there…

Lost – Short Film

A girl wakes up in a forest and doesn’t know where she is.


The hatching of a dark, fantastical dream

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