short film

Guns of Steel

Guns of Steel is an action comedy that follows Cops Harris and Foyder as they attempt to take a shot at the king of the Big Brain Gang. However, the desire to be a hero does not make you one.

What will become of Harris and Foyder? Who are the big Brain Gang? Did Steve survive? Will there be a sequel? Will Bruce Campbell see this? Will he like it? You decide.

The first short film by Sterling Sykes, Guns of Steel was shot in beautiful Southern Oregon on a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k (BMPCC4K).

Frequency From Deep Space

“Imagine shouting into an empty well, and not even having an echo”

Planet Earth is dying. In the fallout of a catastrophic nuclear war, the few remaining survivors float aimlessly above the planet in individual escape pods, looking down helplessly as nuclear gas clouds dissolve the few remaining areas of land mass. One of these survivors, Mandy Sweats, has lost contact with the other survivors – and their only salvation seems to be a mysterious frequency, beaming in from a place way out in the cosmos. But the frequency seems to have insidious intentions…

Frequency From Deep Space is the 4th short film from ‘drag thing’ Mandy Sweats. Drawing inspiration from the surreal horror of JG Ballard and the camp silliness of 70’s Doctor Who, it deals with the gnawing desperation of isolation by dragging it to its most frightening conclusion.

Made entirely by the artist.

Wind Farm II

A man hears a strange knock on his window

Mary And The Angel

Mary tries to conceive a child by following the instructions of the bible.

In The Flesh

A short film consisted of 3 stories around characters that never had the chance to fit in.
I. Angel: A prostitute comes across a dangerous client.
II. Monster in the Woods: A newborn is left alone in the forest after the suicide of his mother.
III. Harry’s Circumcision: A story based on Lou Reed’s song about a failed suicide attempt.

Alice Unleashed

During the lockdown, Alice’s psychological downfall leads to the release of her fury at everyone standing in her way.

Mommy Loves You

Mary tries to save her newborn baby, who has been kidnapped by a predator.

And Then There Were None

During the lockdown, Alice lives in a house full of roommates until their relationship starts to crumble.

Belly of the Beast

A girl follows the trails of a serial killer.

Burn In Heaven

Alice’s envy for her best friend leads to an off-limits situation.

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