Toys are meant to bring joy and happiness to everyone. But when a toy collector takes his obsession too far, he finds himself struggling with how to tell his partner about the extent of his buying habits.

A Slice of Pizza

This film is about a Ph.D. student life problems and the movie shows the solution to the depression. 

Impromptu: 2027

2027. A government agent receives a mission that may be his last. Is it a dream or a reality?


The film is a look at & reflection of how we are all to a degree social recluses forfeiting social relationships for social media interactions. Completed as a student project. It focuses on a surrealist example of how we should all break that cycle in order to feel less isolated and more a-part of a bigger society.


A failing writer finally receives the inspiration to write. But at what cost?

The Bezique Game

A short student film replicating the french painting “The Bezique Game”. A group of men in suits play the game of bezique.

People, Places, and Things | DUBAI

A short film showing life in Meena Bazaar, Dubai, UAE

The Felo-de-se

A short film about a mob member that gets a call from his boss.

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