unprofessional candidate


ッcontains strong language viewer discretion is advised unprofessional candidate (telugu) : vikas sends only picture of his mother to burish on whatsapp then burish drops his phone somewhere. The chaos that happens after this and how burish gets his phone back! follow the cast: Burish —– harish https://instagram.com/be_lazy_07?igsh… Aravind—-aravind https://instagram.com/aravindarviiii?… THE boy — rahul https://instagram.com/worldfamouslove… Sidant —-siddhanth https://www.instagram.com/siddhuuu8 Friend — uday https://instagram.com/udaypraneeth?ig… Vikas —-vikas https://instagram.com/vikaskundbi_?ig… DOP Aravind https://instagram.com/aravindarviiii?… DUBBING CAST The boy —sriram https://instagram.com/spsez_ikonz?igs… CO – DIRECTOR Siddhanth www.Instagram.com/siddhuuu8 DIRECTOR Vikas kundbi https://www.instagram.com/vikaskundbi_/ MUSIC CREDITS : YELLOW TUNES : http://www.youtube.com/c/YellowTunes​ (For yellow tunes: this is a non profitable video) “Music Credits” ” Yellow Tunes ” https://www.yellowtunes.net​ http://www.youtube.com/c/YellowTunes​ music used in the video : https://youtu.be/DRBNyd8To4g​ #unprofessionalcandidate​ #newtelugushortfilm​ #vikaskundbi a *2RupeesProduction presentation*

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